“There are no words to adequately express my gratitude. This past week was truly amazing, magical and transformative on so many levels. It was everything I was expecting and so much more. I am excited to take so much of what I learned and absorbed both on and off the mat into my daily life and try to live each day a little better and a little brighter. You both are such shining stars and I am so unbelievably overwhelmed that you have become a part of my journey and look forward to sharing my journeys straight roads and crooked paths together.

You had quite the challenge with 14 diverse and extra special participants coming from all different places with desires to reach all different places and together you both gave 300% of yourselves to achieve this. For me, it was extra special cool to watch people truly “get” some of it as the week went on, growth is a measurable objective and you more than succeeded in growing the group. Each of us walked away a little brighter and a little lighter and who could ask for more.

Thank you also for introducing me to such wonderful new friends, I am excited to cultivate some of these new relationships and see where they may take me next.

I hope you both know how truly special and gifted you both are and how incredible your inspiration, energy and enthusiasm are for all those whose lives you touch.

My dear friends, I feel so blessed, I am so thankful for this experience and again, there are no real words to put my glowing heart into words on an email or paper.

Also LOVED getting to know Casey and Don and Jenny I know you know how lucky you are— a most beautiful family inside and out! All my love and gratitude! Namaste!”
Lisa Rubinstein
Northbrook, Illinois

“Jenny and Andrew, thank you so much one more time for this unforgettable experience. I have pictures from the beach on my desktop at work, and don’t even have to close my eyes to see beautiful images from Tulum again. It affected me in so many ways…”

Sasha Danilshen, Tulum 2013
Chicago, Illinois

“Jenny and Andrew are such loving and knowledgeable teachers. You can tell they both truly live their yoga. Their Tulum retreat was a life changing experience and I would recommend that anyone considering a yoga retreat choose one with with these two.”

Julia Cohn
Libertyville, Illinois

“Time spent in Costa Rica was like being in paradise. Beautiful resort, warm ocean, great day trips, fantastic group of yogis and  needless to say 4 hours of yoga a day in the most beautiful studio left me feeling energized, rejuvenated, happy and grateful for all the blessings of this unforgettable week.”

Sasha Danilshen, Costa Rica 2015
Chicago, Illinois

“Three hours of yoga a day felt amazing. Getting to reconnect with my body again and feel happy and healthy and spend time to love myself. I enjoyed working hard in the morning and then doing a restorative practice in the evening. It helped bring the entire day together.

It was nice to spend less time jotting down notes and more time just working on the practice. I feel that I benefited a lot from the classes. I wish I lived closer to Jenny and Andrew so that I could practice with them more. As for new information, I did learn a little more deeply on the chakras.

The retreat was everything I imagined and expected from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Actually way better accommodations than expected. It was a very lovely place. I got spoiled in my room with 24/7 wifi, good roommates, 2nd floor ocean breezes, and a super bug proof room.

Jenny brought a ton of knowledge and strength to the retreat. Andrew brought a ton of energy and laughter to the retreat. I think it was a very well thought out and excellent retreat.”

Megan Thiel, Costa Rica 2015

“I can’t quite put into words the deep gratitude and and respect I have for you coming out of this retreat. But I will try.

You put your soul into all you do and I feel it. You are a deep well of knowledge, strength and ability. Your head and heart are balanced in the most perfect way.

Thank you for a week that lit me up when I was down. I feel replenished and renewed and I am grateful to you for putting it all place.

With love and light and a giant hug.”

Marci Barth, Chacala 2017