Meet Your Virtual Retreat Presenters

Meet Your Virtual Retreat Presenters


About Your Virtual Retreat Presenters

Jenny Guzon-Bae

Founder, Yoga Within You & Yoga Instructor

Jenny is a Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT & YACEP yoga and meditation teacher. In her youth in Illinois, she studied ballet and gymnastics for over 13 years. Her love of dance cultivated her passion for movement and, in later years, inspired her passion and importance for health and fitness. 

It wasn’t until she competed on the reality TV show Survivor when she knew that teaching yoga was her true path in life. Often practicing yoga and meditation to keep herself focused and centered during the game, Jenny experienced the true gifts of yoga and later became more drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind/body connection. Since 2008, she has since studied with many renowned yoga teachers and movement specialists, always learning and expanding her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice. In 2012, she started a yoga retreat company, Yoga Within You, teaching yogis from all over the world and traveling to many international countries. 

Jenny teaches group classes incorporating intelligent and creative sequencing, paired with the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. In each class, expect a creative, breath-led vinyasa class that emphasizes functional movement with a strong focus on anatomy and structural strengthening.

In 2012, Jenny founded Yoga Within You Yoga Retreats ( in 2012 and has partnered and traveled with a number of amazing yoga instructors from Chicago, LA & Costa Rica. 

Yoga is a path of self-discovery, giving us the opportunity to continually transform the Self, and bringing us to a place of deeper connection to what is truly important. Thus, every class, Jenny weaves in dharma talks supported by yoga history and philosophy which help students to understand yoga beyond the physical. Her goal is for students to leave feeling uplifted, inspired, light, strong and peaceful so that they may learn to live yoga beyond the mat.

Jenny’s yoga practice has brought many positive changes to her life, and she is honored to teach yoga so that others can use the body to reach their heart and mind.

Instagram: @jennyogini & @yogawithinyouretreats

Pam Gross

Founder, The Bread and Buddha Kitchen

As a certified holistic health coach, certified yoga instructor and self-taught chef, Pam created BBK to make healthy living easier. Through her online cooking studio and wellness workspace, she teaches her students how to fill their fridge and their heart with foods that nourish the body and the spirit. Having evolved her business with the changing times, it is true food for her soul to create this warm, fun community of healthy home cooks and wellness seekers. In this space, individuals, couples and kids come together to discover heartful cooking and how this connection brightens up their health with what we truly crave.
Instagram: @thebreadandbuddha

Retreat Offering:

Join Pam each day for a fun group cook, where she will share her love of cooking delicious plant-based dishes using a bounty of whole foods, healthy fats and healing spices. For our morning smoothie class, learn how to make various delicious, rich, nourishing smoothies using simple fresh whole ingredients. All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Classes include recipes and shopping list plus food for thought as we tap into our instincts and cook along together.

Nousha Salimi

Integrative Health Coach & Essential Oil Specialist

Nousha is a health coach, artist, essential oil specialist, educator, and the creator of “#loveyourselfeverydamnday ” program. With over 20 years of work in the creative field and over 12 years in the health and wellness field, her work offers a unique and creative way that supports your health and wellness journey with precision and fun. Recently relocated from NYC to LA, in her free time, Nousha loves spending time by the ocean, people watching, cooking healthy food, drinking a warm cup of tea while reading her favorite book.

Instagram: @nousha

Retreat Offering:

A 10-minute introduction to essential oil, what they are and how they work so well. Then we move into focusing on the oils included in your suggested pre-purchased bundle, a little about each of them and suggestion on how to use them. We’ll end with an oil anointment with these oils or any of your own favorite oils and a brief guided breath work. Post retreat you can book a complimentary 1:1 consult with Nousha.

Required props or equipment:

None needed. Links will be provided to purchase a special essential oil bundle, if you should choose.

Pura Vida Vibrations

Meet Jerad & Lau from Costa Rica. Their great passion is to bring awareness and empowerment to people so they can actively collaborate with their own healing process. The services they offer include working with the fundamental pillars of Body – Mind – Emotions and Spirit. This broad holistic perspective of food, nutrition, mental and emotional wellbeing is necessary to attain true health and a balanced life.
Educational background: 
UNA – UNAM Veterinarian Clinical Pathologist 
IIN Holistic Health Coach & Founder of Food School
Sound Therapist at Pura Vida Vibrations
Breathwork training background with Wim Hof Technique 
Womb Wellness Moon Mother Level 2 trained by Miranda Gray
Jewellery artist of Love Wave Brand
Co Founder of the Freedom Planner
Author of From Darkness to Light: 28 Days Of Powerful Holistic Practices To Transform Anxiety Into A Fulfilled Life. 
Instagram: @puravidavibrations

Retreat Offering:

Experience the sounds of the Universe as you are showered in waves of primordial vibrations by some of the richest sounding instruments in existence: High Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Powerful Paiste Gongs. In this activity, you simply lay down, relax, and enjoy the majestic sounds and vibrations of these unique instruments (the beautiful sounds are out of this world!). The frequencies and sounds help you transcend normal limited thinking and activate self-healing mechanisms in the body, providing a synthesis of harmonious resonance for Growth, Relaxation and Deep Meditative states.

Mary Landaverde

Founder & COO, Indistry Media

Mary Landaverde is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of experience in the industry.   Her diverse background includes expertise in brand strategy and management, marketing, licensing intellectual properties, and strategic partnerships.  She was Founder/President for Clout 5, a brand management and licensing agency working with some of today’s biggest brands and celebrity personalities in fashion, sports, television and film.  She also headed up the Licensing division at Playboy Enterprises where she oversaw all direct-to-retail and third-party partnerships for Playboy’s entertainment licensed programs for the U.S. and the U.K.  Prior to that, she was Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships for Hilco Consumer Capital, where she oversaw licensing, marketing and new business partnerships for brands: Miss America, Atari, among others.   As CEO of Indistry,  Mary is the visionary behind the digital streaming brand providing strategic leadership for the company,  and works to establish long-range goals, strategies, and policies.  In addition she also oversees the brand strategy, product development, and forges strategic partnerships with brands, production studios, celebrities, and creators in TV, film and music for the network.
Instagram: @indistrymedia

Erroll Angara

Founder & CEO, Indistry Media

Erroll Angara’s background spans over 20 years in the legal and financial industries, including 13 yrs. with the Wall Street Watchdog, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).  She managed over 300+ securities arbitration cases in 5 cities in the Midwest; was named Associate Director in FINRA’s Office of Dispute Resolution overseeing 6,000 arbitrators across 71 cities in the United States, including San Juan, PR and London, UK.  Her focus included mandatory training on FINRA Arbitration Rules & Regulation and operational effectiveness for the division; as well as building strategic partnerships with Wall St. firms, public interest groups and lawyers, and diverse national organizations to ensure FINRA’s roster was diverse and inclusive.   As Indistry’s Chief Operating Officer, Erroll leads the day-to-day business affairs focused on capital and revenue growth, operational infrastructure, legal and financial administration, HR, and the Advisory Board.

Instagram: @indistrymedia

Retreat Offering:

Twins, Mary & Erroll, will share their journey on “pivoting”  – while scary & uncertain, might be very thing that helps one discover their greatest purpose. Eighty percent (more recently, 9 out of 10) never pursue their passion/dreams because they fear of failing.  Yet we know that people change careers an average of 3x in their lifetime (if lucky, 3rd is the charm), so we know there’s an appetite for change. But most search an entire lifetime for that ONE thing that gets them excited everyday, yet some never find it. Truth be told, most of us don’t know what we really want.  Is it really that? Or is fear blocking our possibilities?   So when the Universe finally brings it front center, brick in face, into our path (and it will), how we respond next is critical. Mary & Erroll will be sharing a bit of their journey of pivoting (particularly for women struggling to balance family, job, self) might lead others to do deep dive on what’s really holding them back.

Steve Sarowitz

Founder/Chairman, Paylocity & Inspirational Speaker

Steve Sarowitz is Founder and Chairman of Paylocity (Nasdaq: PCTY), a leading U.S. provider of payroll and HR solutions. In addition, Steve also serves as CEO of Blue Marble, an international payroll provider, and as Director of Payescape, a UK payroll provider. He is also an international philanthropist with an interest in promoting unity by and promoting universal education and advocating for the elimination of racism, sexism, nationalism and religious prejudice. He also serves on the board of NCAT, an organization that builds state-of-the art training centers in urban areas. He and his wife have a family foundation which supports over 50 worthy causes worldwide, including programs helping orphans, foster children, refugees and many other people in need.

In 2015, Steve became a Baha’i and a friend recommended that Steve make a film about the Baha’i Faith. Steve immediately began a new career in the film industry. Steve went on to produce ‘The Gate’, a groundbreaking documentary about the founding of the Baha’i Faith that was named the Best Religious Documentary of 2018. He helped fund and promote the documentaries He Named Me Malala and Rosenwald and served as Executive Producer for the Peabody award-winning documentary Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise. Steve is also a partner in Wayfarer Studios, which just announced the purchase of their first movie Clouds by Walt Disney.


Parvati Shallow

Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

Parvati grew up in an ashram near Vero Beach, Florida. That means, she lived commune style on a ranch with lots of other families, practiced yoga and meditation, and ate vegetarian food. Her love for the tradition of yoga and her connection to nature, adventure and community runs deep.

Following a calling to explore the world, Parvati ventured to LA. As fate would have it, she soon found herself competing as an amateur boxer and getting cast on the ultimate adventure competition reality show SURVIVOR. Survivor was the perfect match to her competitive instinct, thirst for adventure and love of people.

Parvati is a 4-time competitor and winner of Survivor, securing her spot as one of the elite few SURVIVOR winners in the world.

Throughout this time, she also continued to deepen into the study and practice of yoga and meditation. She pursued advanced certifications, opened a wellness center on upscale Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California and taught a regular stream of clients. Her clients loved when she combined kundalini yoga (a practice that strengthens our nervous system’s capacity to cope with stress) and energy healing.

Now, in her work as a internationally-known Life Coach, Speaker and Author, Parvati helps other people build solid foundations of self-reliance so that they become the authority in their lives. She supports them to take courageous action to live a life of freedom, love, and joy — and really go after the things they want in life.

It’s her greatest joy and ultimate fulfillment to guide people on the grand adventure of discovering the infinite power of their own souls.

Instagram: @pshallow

Retreat Offering:

Parvati will teach an energizing and stress relieving kundalini breath work and meditation practice, followed by a brief group talk about Self Love.

Mike Ryan

Certified Trainer, Author, Spokesperson,                                      Fitness Model & Brand Ambassador

Celebrity personal trainer Mike Ryan is one health and fitness expert that walks the walk, demonstrated by the amazing physical shape he maintains in light of his all-encompassing position as consultant to Hollywood’s elite.

Mike trains celebrity clients, busy executives, mom’s and everyone in between get into their best shape. He has effectively uses his knowledge, gained over his 25 years in the health and fitness industry.

Instagram: Mike_ryan_celebritytrainer

Retreat Offering:

Mike will discuss the necessities of strength training, proper nutrition and supplementation. He’ll also demonstrate at home dumbbell and body weight training.

Judith Abella

Licensed Massage Therapist & Personal Face Trainer

Judith is very passionate about self- care, believing it is a necessity to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Judith takes pride in making time for her daily facial workout and weekly massage. She created a facial workout to include strengthening and sculpting of the facial muscles. She most recently introduced intra-oral massage to her practice and the results are amazing. She is certified in Reflexology, Rocktape kinesiology tape, Rockpods cupping and Rockfloss body floss.  When not working, Judith enjoys cooking, traveling, shopping and indulging in trending cuisine.

Instagram: @heyjudeabella

Retreat Offering:

Judith will be offering a 30 minute Face training session with concentration on lymphatic massage.  This session will teach you how daily face training can result in strengthening your facial muscles. She first uses quick and controlled strokes to gently warm and stimulate the tissue.  This technique helps increase blood flow and remove stagnated lymph that causes puffiness.  Most people claim to feel immediate results. A gua sha or jade roller can be used for this session, otherwise hands and fingers will work perfectly.


Tiziani Trovati

Master Pilates Instructor & Yoga Instructor

Tiziana is a certified Authentic Pilates teacher under the one and one guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates heir apparent.. She was featured in Romana’s first sets of videos and was one of the first guest teachers to part take in Pilatesology, a classical Pilates video site. She opened her own studio in Orange County, California, that grew into a wellness practice, including multiple instructors, licensed physical therapists, and massage therapists. Tiziana is a purist when it comes to Pilates and now travels around the world as a Pilates Master Teacher of the classical foundation that Joseph Pilates taught his first pupils.

Tiziana’s growth and travels abroad lead her to continue her journey of helping others and their bodies. She found the fluidity and biomechanics of yoga to be the perfect complement to her beloved Pilates. She enjoys learning about and nurturing the body. This led her to become certified in Trigger Point Therapy and a licensed massage practitioner. She has also studied physical therapy under elite therapists in Orange County, CA. allowing her to work with the individual to discover the type of instruction or treatment that will build, maintain and restore their bodies.

Instagram: @tiziana_trovati

Retreat Offering:

Tiziana will teach a one-hour mat pilates/yoga class.

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