Tamarindo Restaurant Recs

Tamarindo Restaurant Recs


Tamarindo Restaurant Recommendations

During our retreat, three dinners will be provided: 1) Welcome Night Dinner @ Cala Luna, 2) LaSenda Farm to Table Dinner (Weds), and 3) White Night Final Dinner @ Tiziana & Jim’s Beach Villa (Fri)

Each of you have $180 for lunch & meal stipend for all your other meals.  You can opt to have all your meals at Cala Luna OR explore Tamarindo and enjoy the MANY wonderful restaurants! Here is a list of Tiziana’s favorite places:

  1. Primarily for Dinner:
    1. Pangas:  Beautiful sunset dinner at the edge of the estuary. You will want to get there at least 15 minutes before sunset time.  We love the surf and turf…with the turf being served on a hot lava rock where you can cook to your desired level.  Reservation recommended.  
    2. Dragon Fly: One of our favorites.  Wide ranging menu. Occasionally will have live music. Reservation recommended.  
    3. Patagonia:  Argentinian steak house.  Will normally need a reservation.  THE steak place in Tamarindo.  Nice place to eat.
    4. Bamboo Sushi:  Name speaks for itself.
    5. Wok and Roll:  Asian fusion.  Good food good service.  The owners are routinely on site.
    6. La Pachanga: homemade pasta and more
  2. Coffee Shop/Breakfast
    1. Waffle Monkey: Small place, great breakfast if you want to get your sweet on!  On the beach
    2. Breakfast Grinds: great breakfast across from the beach on the 2d floor of the Aqua building.
    3. La Bodega:  One of our favs, breakfast and lunch.
    4. Noridco:  A local favorite for coffee with breakfast and lunch
  3. Beach Hangouts:
    1. Noguis:  We like breakfast/lunch here on the beach.  Great view under the trees.  Service may be slow…but why the hurry? Colorful pink, blue and yellow chairs. I would not go if in a hurry.  Ask for your check early.  A great place to relax and enjoy the beach under some shade and at sunset.
    2. El Chiringuito:  Recently opened.  On the beach just before Nogui’s.  Look for the two upside down boats and Palm Trees.  We like a mid-day snack here or sunset with dinner and drinks.  A favorite for locals.
    3. Capitan Suizo:  Hotel a short walk from Cala Luna.  Only open certain hours, so you will need to check in via phone for hours. Food is good. Some nights they have music!
    4. Langosta Beach Club: Just a very short walk (3 minutes) towards town.  Bar and restaurant.  Hours or limited for food, so would need to call ahead.
    5. El Be:   Live music often, great for sunset chill time.
    6. People: Italian restaurant on the beach
    7. La Palapa:  Just past Nogui’s on the beach, look for the white awnings. We have only had lunch here.  Can be expensive for lunch
  4. Pizza:
    1. El Sapo:  Real Italian pizza and pasta joint just down the street in Langosta
    2. La Baula:  Real Italian pizza.  Dinner only.
  5. Mexican Style:
    1. Little Lucha:  A new Taco place Frank just opened. Really good.
    2. Green Papaya:  Salads, taco’s, burrito’s etc.  Indoor seating in the A/C, outdoor seating on swings.
  6. Sports Bar type:
    1. Surfclub Bar & Grill:  Good food.  Just down the street towards Langosta.  Really good local pub.  
    2. Longboards:  Best BBQ in town.  The owners are fantastic.  Have great reviews from former guests who have been here.  Loved the smoke Mahi and smoked pulled pork!  Tiziana loves the smoked wings.
    3. Sharky’s:  The locals favorite sports bar.  Wings, fish n’ chips, burgers and the like.
    4. Lizard Lounge: Multiple TVs.  Turns into club at night.
  7. Falafel Bar:  Normally we grab as take out.  Great change of place.
  8. El Mercadito:  Brand new, gourmet version a mall food court with a bar and it’s outside.  Nice place to visit with multiple friends.  Sushi, curry, burgers, arepas and vegan choices all available in one place.
  9. Rumors:  Another brand new place.  Beautiful décor and we have had some really good dishes so far.
  10. Fish and Cheese:  Italian run place with varied menu and sometimes live music.  Just down the street in Langosta
  11. Surf Shack:  Our favorite burgers!  Great shakes.  On the circle, a minute walk behind Nogui’s before the alleyway.
  12. Lola’s:  Famous lunch spot down at Playa Avellanas.  30 minute drive or 2.5 hour hike down the beach.  Good food great owners.

We can assist you with reservations, just let us know where and when.   Some establishments close on strange days.  Always wise to check.  Most places use Facebook vs. building their own web page.  

Farmers Market

  1. The farmers market happens every Saturday from 8 until 1 PM next door to the Green Papaya.  An additional Thursday night farmers market takes place from 6 to 10.  It is on the left in a parking lot past Banco National.
  2. You can pick up produce, local fruit, fresh chicken, fish, authentic German sausage, pork chops, eggs, sauces, breads,  etc etc.  They also have local artisans offering necklaces, bracelets and other items. 
  3. Tamarindo has initiated a second farmers market.  Every Thursday evening in the parking lot of the main GYM in town.  It is just past Banco National on the left hand side.  6 to 9 PM.